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Your Strategic Advisory Partner for Compliance and Regulation

In a fast-paced economy fueled by technological advancements and globalization, businesses need to be able to quickly and swiftly adapt to the changes around them. Changes if not implemented and managed properly can have various negative consequences on the business. It is safe to say that with changes come risks. To minimize risks and their impact on your business, it is important that your company invests in the right strategies such as auditing, risk management and security strategies. These strategies not only identify and evaluate risks within the company but they also ensure that the company remains compliance.

In addition, organizations are more and more being faced with ongoing challenges to not only manage but to comply with evolving regulations. Not only is it a challenge to find out what the most recent regulatory changes are, it is not always clear what a company or organization needs to do to comply with the regulations. 

Why Grove Atlantic

Grove Atlantic specializes in auditing and security advisory services for compliance and regulation. Our internal audit, compliance and risk advisers specializes in creating and improving internal regulatory systems and compliance regimes to enhance transparency and governance excellence in any organization. Our policies not only affect strategic decision making but also daily routines resulting in the enhancement of operating efficiency. 

Our one-to-one sessions with the management, audit directors, managers and committees and the supervisory board result in the development of efficient planning and procedures to support business strategy, to identify and evaluate potential risks and to ensure that the company remains compliant.

Types of Services We Offer

We specialize in handling the compliance and regularoty needs of sensitive markets. We have worked with businesses and organizations in the insurance, healthcare, medical, education and financial services industry. These companies are the companies who not only handle sensitive information but also need to make sure that they are always up to date with the constantly evolving regulator enviornment.

Below are some of the different types of services that we offer. If you are functioning in any of the industries mentioned above or if you are a part of an organization that deals with sensitive information of people, we urge you to get in contact with us today so that we can help you to become and to remain compliant.  

IT Audits 

 Security Risk Assessment

Compliance Audits 

We have conducted a number of IT audits in which the improvement of security and the mitigation of relevant risks were the main focus. Our main focus has been companies in the the insurance, finance and education sectors. We have conduct a number of security risk assessments for companies in the insurance and financial services setor. These are companies that simpley cannot tolerate risks. We helped them to identify and migitate the most common riskts with a thorough assessment of potential security vulnerabilities. The best way to ensure that you remain compliant is to have frequent compliance audits conducted. We are constantly helping clients to identify where they are compliant and where they are not by conducting compliance audits.  
We keep tabs on the ever-changing regulatory landscape so you do not have to do so.

Projects We Have Worked On

Below are a few examples of the different types of projects that we have worked.  

Alliance Insurance Group

We conducted an internal IT audit as well as a compliance audit for the Alliance Insurance Group. 

Midge’s Senior Healthcare Facility

Taking care of seniors have a certain amount of risks involved. This is why Midge’s Senior Healthcare Facility approcahed us in 2016 to have a security risk assessment conducted in their healthcare facility. It was quite a beneficial and rewarding project for them. 

Your strategic advisory partners in mitigating risk!


Unburden yourself. Leave it us, the compliance experts, to worry about the regulations.

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