Complete auditing services for compliance and regulation.

Hire the best experts in bank compliance and financial regulations.

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Our Company

Grove Atlantic leads the auditing and security advisory area in Scotland. We offer our services countrywide and for over four decades we have succeeded at assessing financial departments in all sizes of companies, as well as merchant accounts and payment systems. Our long history of work in the area has allowed us to see the widest range of scenarios. We have dealt with all sorts of clients. Whatever your case is, whatever reason you need guidance or compliance auditing, we are absolutely qualified to inform you on all you need and provide all help required, for a very reasonable price and unmatchable results.

Compliance guidance and security auditing

Why hire a security expert?

Your company will generate value every day, so you need to make sure that such value - be it money, information, resources, or anything else - is protected from unwanted eyes and hands. In a world of electronic finances and online trade, the rules have changed an you need to upgrade your security structures.

Put your efforts where your value is. Build the best security system, not only to protect your own equity and your resources, but also your clients' valuable information. By doing this, you will gain your customers' trust, and especially, the trust of your corporate clients or partners. A security leak can ruin your business, and a small break in your system may cause a huge money bleeding. Protect your business now with the best in security structures.


Get the best advice with Grove Atlantic. We will run a complete auditing of your structures and systems and detect security risks and possible upgrades. After that, we will submit to you a comprehensive report pointing at all aspects that can be improved. At last, we will suggest which security providers are the best in the market, help you decide which one to choose according to your particular needs, and make the contact so you get a quick response and an effective solution.

Compliance and regulation

Keep your business in order with the help of Grove Atlantic. When you start your activities, you need to do a lot of paperwork, tax compliance, bank upgrades and credits, business plans and submissions, and a long list of etceteras. As your business grows larger, you have to do even more paperwork, change your bank status and comply with special laws. If you don't do it correctly, you will have problems, either with your partners or clients, or with the government itself.

We will assess your business and make sure that you are following all relevant regulations. If you don't, we will show you what is left to do and guide you through the process until everything is completed. 

Taking the next steps shouldn't be an obstacle. Let us guide you through the process and show you the easiest and most effective ways to comply with bank regulations and taxes. We will make it all easy so you can focus on moving on with your activities and reaching all your goals. 

Count on us to make it all possible.

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Gabriela Donovan

"This company provided great service and reliable advice. Grove Atlantic made everything easy for us to understand, so we could follow the process and have and active part in our decisions. I think that was the best of all."

Patty Puthwork

"Grove Atlantic was great. Super fast and expeditive, very professionals, they know what they're talking about. You can tell from a mile away. I felt so safe working with these people."

Danny Stevenson

"We had a fantastic time working with Grove Atlantic. Communication from the beginning was a highlight. They are so accessible and competent at the same time. It was a pleasure."

Find out why we are the best.